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Grass Cutting Machine

Selling Lawn Mowers In Medan

Once upon a time, grass was a green country pasture cut by sheep and other animals grazing them. Today, powerful tractors, robots and even hovercraft keep them neat and tidy, but most have one thing in common - a rotating blade driven by a motor. PT. Garuda Agri Machine Selling Lawn Mowers In Medan, is a machine that uses one or more rotating propellers to cut the grass surface as high as possible. The height of cut grass can be improved by cutting machine design, but generally can be adjusted by the operator, usually by a single master lever, or by a lever or nut and bolt on each machine wheel.

Instead of cutting grass like scissors cutting paper like a mower does, the rotating mower rotates the blade horizontally around fast enough to cut the grass when touching it. The knife is inside the casing called the deck, which makes grass and other objects fly in all directions when attacked. Usually, the deck rises with four wheels, with a motorbike sitting on it and a bag attached to it to collect the cut grass.

And if you are looking for something more unique, there are hovercraft lawn mowers that drive air curtains, not wheels, and robotic lawn mowers that do not need a human operator at all. However, these mowers all need the same things to work correctly - motors, rotating blades, means to get around and ways to get rid of grass pieces.

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