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Hama Spraying Machine

Spraying pests in agriculture, standard methods for applying chemicals controlling pests and other compounds. In spraying, chemicals that will be applied are dissolved or suspended in water or, less often, in oil-based carriers. The mixture is then used as a fine mist for plants, animals, soil, or products to be treated. Pest Sprayers are used to control insects, mites and fungous and bacterial plant diseases; insects, like fleas and flies, in animals; and weeds, using poison or herbicide chemical weeds. Pest Sprayers can also be used for special purposes such as applying mineral fertilizers, increasing or decreasing fruit sets, delaying the fall of nearly mature fruits, and killing defoliation and wine to facilitate the harvest of crops such as cotton or potatoes.

The spray has an advantage in its ability to attach to and spread on the treated surface. Fumigation can be used to control insects and some diseases in stored products or to control insects such as wireworms and maggots, nematodes, and sometimes fungi and weeds on the ground. Chemicals can be used as gas or as volatile liquids. Partial fumigation of the soil can be done by applying chemicals in a spray or granular material and immediately processing them into the soil. For better pest control in small areas such as nurseries, the treated soil is covered with a layer of stomach, plastic cover.

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