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Dodos Sawit Machine
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Sell Dodos Sawit Machine

Specification of Dodos Sawit Machine

Dodos Sawit machine is one of the plantation equipment that serves to cut the palm branch and mendodos coconut oil cake.

Jual Dodos Sawit Tanika Machine

Garuda Mesin Agri as a pioneer in agriculture & plantation industry, selling Tanika dodos sawit machine with the following specifications:

- Brand: Tanika
- Cylinder: 22.5 CC
- Max output (kW / rpm): 0.7 / 7500
- Oil Tank Capacity: 0.55 L
- Length (m): 2.9 meters up to max 4.5 meters
- Total Weight: 8.5 kg

This machine has a length of 4.5 Meter pole and harvest range of palm trees with a maximum height of 7 to 8 meters. The dodos palm machine is easy to use and fuel efficient (1.5 - 2.5 liters / day - 8 hours of use). Equipped with 2 Motor Not with mixed fuel (Gasoline + Oil) make the performance of this tool to the maximum, can work 8-10 hours / day.

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